E. Ruiz interviewed by Venezolana de Television

Philipp Racine, Duett for Bass and Flute

Schneider Duett Nr. 4

Schneider Duett Nr. 3

Schneider Duett Nr. 2

Schneider, Duett Nr. 1

Hoffmeister, unknown concerto

Dittersdorf, Kontrabass Konzert III mov

Dittersdorf, Kontrabass Konzert I and II mov

Domenico Gabrielli, Ricercare III

Luciano Berio, Psy for solo Doublebass

Shadows by G. Kurtag for Doublebass solo

Vals ¨Natalia¨ by Luis Laguna

G. A. Schneider, Duetts for low Instruments

Edicson Ruiz featured by Rolando Villazon

Edicson Ruiz plays for Elliott Carter

Sperger, Concerto Nr. 15 1st mov (Anner Bylsma: cadenza 2011)

Sperger, Concerto Nr. 15 2nd & 3rd mov

Anton Zimmermann Kontrabass Concerto 1st mov

Anton Zimmermann, Kontrabass Concerto 2nd & 3rd mov

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